(Beyond Eden)

A Unified Theory of Origins that brings Atlantis and Eden from Myth back to History


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(b.p.e. = before present era)


The idea that a unique and intellectually highly advanced cultural carrier existed in the remote past of mankind could well be a independent intuition, was clearly stated though by Hesiod, the great Greek poet of the 8th century b.p.e., restated by the Metaphysicist Empededoles by Acragas, it is strengthen by a great number of evidences and it's becoming a more and more real working hypothesis for researchers.
So far we have had no other story than that of "MU" and "Atlantis" civilizations to explain that "intuition", to also fill the gap between the great Paleolithic cultures and the early Neolithic ones and to try to understand the genesis of what proves to have been a tremendous intellectual revolution.
Yet, there is an absolute geological evidence that neither "Atlantis" nor "MU" ever existed where Myth wanted them to be.

Did the Ancients all lie?
Did Plato put up a fake, including his forefather Solon meeting the priest at Sais?

The idea that Myth hides historical truth is not new either and it is now widely accepted by scholars.
This idea is pushing lots of theories that yet bring only fragmentary evidences, are fragmentary themselves and miss the whole mosaic; isolated in their own specific fields and interests, they do not face the problem by integrating the classic sources, which are the true door to our past.

In fact, with the right "key" of interpretation, one can find that the History of Israel told by the Torah actually describes the details of the same events told by Plato and that these two sources complete each other, allowing us to assign specific dates to those events.

The Jewish Genesis and the Plato's dialogues hide the signs of all this; of the first and subsequent migrations of the "Atlanteans", of their great influence on Paleolithic cultures and the reasons of the dramatic change that in about 12.000 years brought to the current society.

An evidence of all this might have always been held within the Gizah plateau, in form of lines, pointing to a land where much more powerful Pyramids, from time to time sources of life and death, had been built by Nature as Volcanoes during the past geological ages.

The rebirth of the culture of the Pyramids in the 4th millennium b.p.e. is also very probably an evidence of the strength of the ancient atlantic Metaphysics, survived to the disasters to be brought to us somewhere in its true shape and somewhere veiled by Superstition and Religions, which is very clear no matter what the Continent or the Race. Thus, besides reaching the evidence that "We're all Black", before us we also have the evidence that the Legend of the Babel Tower, basically referring to a linguistic parting, actually is a replica of a metaphysical parting, happened some thousands years before Nimrod and born on a metaphysical background well caught by the genius of the great Philosopher and Metaphysicist Eraclitus.


flourish, 10k



The diagram below synthetically shows the results of the historical reconstruction proposed by "The Seventh Pyramid" (formerly "Beyond Eden") basing on the cross-referential analysis of mythological, legendary, historical and scientific data.

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Events, 8k According to Cosmology According to Paleontology According to Anthropology The Atlanteans The garden of Eden The Downfall The Disaster described in Plato's Timeo Possible cause and time for the Great Flood Post-diluvian resumption The Memory of the Past Mesoamerican Seeds From Palestine to the Map of Admiral Piri


flourish, 10k


Almost 75% of the researches on "Atlantis" belongs to the 20th century, including more than 10 studies that locate "Atlantis" in Northern Africa and just a few that place it in Antarctica basing on some strange and weak evidences and forcing Earth to do somersaults in order to create the legendary lush and fertile area downthere, where extraordinary flying machines possibly filled the Sky over the heads of Wales and Dolphins.

However, besides single theories, all this tells us that two things exist for sure:

  1. a strong interest for "Atlantis" among the people, otherwise "Atlantis" would have never been so "best sold";
  2. a strong motivation of the few to explore the Past beyond the threshold of official history.

"Atlantis" means the roots of mankind; then the interest for it is actually interest for one's own roots.
This implies that part of the humanity of the 20th century feels like not having roots or about to lose them, inevitably running into panic and alienation.

The above should also apply to "Eden", so tightly related to the Spirit of Man but never taken too seriously for it has always been a stronghold of Religion.

This reconstruction shows though that the historical existence of "Atlantis" and "Eden" - certainly not 2 names for the same reality - is highly probable, that "Eden" was the fighting ground of two natural attitudes, one towards the "Sky" the other towards the "Earth", each one naturally developed during the Paleolithic age in different areas of the planet.

Should this high probability suddenly become 100% due to incontrovertible proof of this theory, what consequences would we have? What would the conceptual impact be on modern social and technological models? How would the Power Systems generated by the chaos of the pre-Neolithic disasters react to such news?

Since field research is substantially subject to the thirst of domination and profit, certainly not or very poorly to the desire of Knowledge, finding the proofs may remain a unresolved problem still very long, leaving us a residual uncertainty we can eventually face with the only help of our own heritage, at least until men of Science will change their attitudes.



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